Rieks Joosten

Senior Researcher - TNO


My expertise includes business information processes and security in a broad sense.
This encompasses
(1) specification of business information processes in a semi-formal way, with a focus on the integrity.
(2) the generation of automated support for such business processes in terms of web-services and (more recently) blockchains.
(3) identity- and access management (IAM), privacy and security (by design).
(4) security governance and risk models, and the processes for producing the associated results.

My interests lie in (creating the) formal underpinnings of these focal areas, making the results understandable and usable in the business context, and linking them to existing and novel technologies (e.g. blockchain).

Specialties: I am a good conceptual thinker, designer of (thought)models, identity management access controls, risk analysis, security policies, and more.